Drink in the Beauty of Distilled Nature

The Heritage

At Red Pine Distillery, we walk the fine line between rough and refined. We believe one’s craft must be honed through hard work, and if you value your trade, you’ll never trade your values. We don’t associate sophistication with snobbery. We’re artisans not aristocrats, and we strive to produce liquors you’ll love no matter the color of your collar. Like our namesake, we’re native to Minnesota. We’re proud of our Red River Valley heritage and use only locally grown ingredients to distill top-shelf quality spirits that imbue authentic flavors and always finish smooth.

Distillery Tour
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Vodka and Variety

Red Pine Sugar Beet Vodka is distilled with raw sugar beets and sugar beet molasses produced in the Red River Valley. We’ve perfected our process to craft a top-shelf vodka that can please even the most refined palate. We started with vodka, but we believe in variety. Sign up for our newsletter to get updates on upcoming releases of Red Pine Gin, Whiskey and Bourbon.

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Pursuing the Fine Line Between Rough and Refined

A chemical engineer by trade, Tyler Seim grew up on his family’s farm where he developed a deep appreciation for the natural gifts the Red River Valley has to offer. Inspired by his passion for both cultivation and chemistry, Tyler founded Red Pine Distillery with the simple mission of taking locally grown ingredients and crafting fine spirits as Minnesotan as the Red Pine.

Tyler Seim-Founder

Red Pine Distillery Owner - Tyler Seim